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The purpose of the KLRA is to protect and enhance all aspects of the quality of life on Kahshe and Bass Lakes and their immediate surroundings and to provide representation for the membership to Municipal and Government bodies. The Association is a not-for-profit organization.

Our web site contains information about Kahshe Lake, which at 828 hectares is the ninth largest lake in Muskoka District, Ontario, Canada. Bass Lake adds 37 ha to the study area. There is also information related to The Kahshe Lake Plan, our guiding strategy. 

The Discussion Forum is an important part of the web site allowing registered members to participate in the activities of the KLRA. The Forum is updated regularly with news of events on the lakes. Members can post to the forum on a growing number of topics.  To access the Forum, click here.

If you're a Kahshe Lake ratepayer and would like to join the KLRA, a membership application is located here.



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